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Nekochii Cat Ears Review

nekochii cat earsA recently purchased pair of Nekochii cat ears found their way onto my head last night so I have decided to write a review of one of the cutest-and geekiest- accessories around. Cat ears. Usually worn by those of us with a serious interest in anime or all things Japanese, they are also used by those who particularly love animals or simply as a costume piece (this is the most normal response, which is why I used it last).

Nekochii was the brand used by my friend Reanne and this has proven to be an excellent choice that I will now be promoting! She purchased a pair of grey cat ears from Nekochii’s Etsy and is now in possession of them. Despite the fact that Nekochii is based in Australia the creation of these handmade accessories and the time it took them to arrive accumulated to only two weeks. As someone who lived in Oz for a while, I know that must mean that Nekochii is using something more expensive than just standard postal delivery, which in turn already suggests a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Each set of Nekochii ears comes thoroughly boxed and packaged, along with many cute little extras. Reanne ears came with a sweet little sticker and a very attractive keyring, excellent free advertising as well as neat little accessories! Of course, the ears themselves were the main focus and they are absolutely adorable. Handmade but not flimsy, each ear comes with a very securely placed hair slide. They’re even the easy-to-use clips that pop open, which is a godsend for someone like me who so utterly fails at being a girl they can’t even use real hair grips. They also both come with a Nekochii label pasted over the clip, which looks great and very professional.

Of course, the main point of these animal ears is for them to be cute and attractive, as well as fluffy. Easy to place initially, you’ll still need a mirror to get these babies placed equally and evenly. They are VERY soft but also strong enough to hold their shape and I get the feeling they will be able to withstand everyday wear for a while, providing they are kept in a safe place that won’t squash them. They’re also a great size and suited a range of different head shapes and hair styles, as me and my friends quickly discovered. Not only that, but these clips were surprisingly strong, as myself and Reanne happily demonstrated.

But Nekochii isn’t just about excellent products that are also freakin’ adorable as I was stunned by the price. A genuinely handmade set of cat ears, sent all the way from Oz accompanied by little extras and it only came to £15. That’s not even $30! I’m staggered by this and find myself in the usual situation that I hope the minds behind Nekochii start charging more as they’re certainly worth it! If you’re looking for a pair of animal ears for a costume, Nekochii is probably one of the best places you can go for top quality accessories, providing you don’t mind waiting two weeks for the pleasure. They offer a range of ear accessories, including wolf ears, cat ears and fox ears. Not only that but there are a staggering amount of colours to choose from and you can make your animal ears two-tone, allowing for even more customisation. Currently, Nekochii isn’t taking orders due to their massive backlog over the Halloween period (lots of people want animal ears right now, who’d have guessed!) but once they are again, I’d recommend getting yourself or the geek you love a set. I know I will be soon!

Cuteness can vary from person to person!

I can’t resist!


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