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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pretzel And Peanut Butter: Cybercandy Review

Canadian chocolateI received my first yummy item from Cybercandy as an official reviewer of all things sweet from faraway lands! As my last review was of Japanese confectionary, it’s great to try something from the other side of the world and it was great to find something I wanted so much to try from the land of Canada. But first, I want to write a quick open letter to Cadbury.

Dear Cadbury

What’s the deal? I’ve looked into your history and you’ve been a British company since 1840. So why do all these other countries getting rockin’ products and the UK gets fruit and nut? I don’t want to be ungrateful, I just want some equality! Are British consumers just afraid of cool, new things? Have you tried to bring us the same awesome chocolate you give the Australians and the Canadians? Because if we rejected them then I will accept that and feel sad but from where I’m sitting, you seem to be offering much cooler stuff to those away from your homeland. Then again, perhaps your other factories are concocting them in their own countries, in which case shame on them for hoarding their designs! Well, joke’s on them because Cybercandy is bringing this to the UK whether they like it or not!



I’ve only recently developed a taste for peanut butter but I can certainly see why people love blending the sweet milkiness of chocolate with the savoury taste of peanut butter. Once again I discovered an incredibly moorish piece of confectionary, which I thought was only right to share with my friends! On the condition they be filmed… of course!

You can see what other Canadian chocolates are available at Cyber Candy and I’ve certainly discovered an awesome new gift idea for my friends and family. Dave may just be getting an excellent surprise this winter, courtesy of Cyber Candy!


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