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Cybercandy At The London MCM Expo!

Cybercandy at MCM ExpoI attended the London MCM Expo this year and was also fortunate enough to be Cybercandy’s official Vlogger for the event. For this I was given a bag of sweets from across the globe and sent out to distribute them and film opinions of those who were willing to try them! This was somewhat awkward as walking up to a stranger and asking them to try some candy is on par with telling them you have a van out back full of puppies but it seems that most of those who attended were very trusting of the strange girl approaching them in a top hat with sweets in hand!

Cybercandy gave me an excellent selection of sweets to give out and my personal favourite to film were the Skittles Riddles, which mask what flavour they are and force those who are trying them to guess! This lead to a lot of thoughtful, pondering looks from those who tried them and some pretty random guesses! Twinkies were also exceptionally well received and I learnt how good I am at withstanding super sour sweets compared with the average person! This includes Superman himself (okay, not superman himself but certainly a young man cosplaying as him!).

Cybercandy’s own stall at MCM was also insanely popular and it was great seeing so many geeky people getting excited about Marshmallow fluff and pop tarts. I made my own purchases as well, including Flipz, chocolate coated pretzels which sadly did not live long enough for me to do a review. Next time I’m sure I’ll be able to hold back (perhaps). Cybercandy also brought along the overlord to make an appearance and socialise with all the other weird and wonderful people at the event, he looked very at home but I wonder how they got him to leave when it was clear he was having such a good time!

It was great fun being the official vlogger for Cybercandy at MCM Expo and I hope I get the chance to do it again as I met a lot of interesting people who totally used me for access to the sweet treats but I forgive them for it! If you want to challenge yourself to try some of the sweets that I gave out then I’d totally recommend them, especially if you think you can handle the Warhead sour sweets!


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