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Genki Gear T Shirt Review

Genki Gear T ShirtsAt Expo I happened upon Genki Gear t shirts, an independent company that creates a huge range of geeky and cute t shirts from a very small base. This year they even created the official MCM Expo t shirt called attack of the cute, which proved to be insanely popular and was already almost sold out by the Saturday morning when I came across their stall. I had a quick chat with the artist who comes up with so many of their unique and mental designs to find out some more about their company and what they’ve managed to achieve in a relatively short space of time, which is seriously impressive. Making t shirts for a geeks for a living sounds like a lot of fun to me!

I also purchased my own Genki Gear t shirt, though it was a seriously hard choice between all their funky designs. Clearly focusing on a range of geek inspired and cute designs, I can honestly say that my friend who purchased one of their t shirts was stopped regularly to ask where she’d gotten it from. This is more than a bit impressive when you consider that most people at MCM expo are dressed in insanely well-made costumes and we certainly joked with her that we’d put months of work into our outfits and she’d only needed to buy a t shirt from Genki Gear to get more compliments!

cuthulhu t shirts

Actual design is in green, I’ve added the triple effect because I think it looks funky 🙂

I also couldn’t help noticing that, by the Sunday, a percentage of people who were dressed in everyday clothing were all wearing Genki Gear t shirts, so the geeks all agree that their designs rock!

And Genki Gear t shirts aren’t just about funky designs, as I was pleased to discover. All of their products are made with fair trade clothing (which gets them serious points with ethical shoppers like myself)  and are (just like their lovely attendent says) insanely soft. I mean, these t shirts are freakin’ comfy and a real pleasure to wear. It’s perhaps not normal to walk up to your friends and ask them to stroke you but many of mine were certainly cooing over the fabric once they did so I’m sure I’ve gained Genki Gear a few more customers. All this for under £20 on their online store and you can also get yourself a bargain unique t shirt from them!

The Genki Gear website also has a ton of temptations that they were unable to bring to MCM expo including mugs, posters, cards and the all important clearance sale items if you want and even better bargain! In my opinion, I’d far rather by the quirky and kitsch designs from Genki Gear than the mass produced “geek” t shirts that I sometimes think have been created by mainstreamers and what they think geeks must like. For a geeky t shirt with some real personality and from ethical sources then I can’t recommend Genki Gear highly enough.


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