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Barry M Croc And Foil Nail Effects Review

Croc instant nail effectsI don’t think I can sing Barry M’s praises enough when I look around the cosmetics market. I mean, when I look at the gaping, huge difference in the prices of their nail paint compared to many other designer brands and the spectacular range of colours that they offer it already seems like a great deal. Then I also discover that they offer one of the widest ranges of effects nail polishes around and they’ve managed to keep their factory in the UK? Seriously, all other cosmetics companies could actually jump off a cliff and I wouldn’t notice because Barry M has one super loyal customer. I’ve been treating myself lately to some new Barry M nail paints and I was curious about a few of their other nail effects ranges, two of which I have managed to combine to excellent effect.

Barry M Foil Nail Effects Paint In Silver

I don’t think I have ever come upon a silver that was so bright as the latest Barry M foil nail effects silver. I wear a lot of silver jewellery, particularly rings and I can attest to the fact that the colours were completely identical. If you’re looking for some sparkle to your look that this silver nail polish is an exceptional addition to most nails and also works well as a contrasting colour. I was messing around with my black nail polish and managed to create a seriously eye catching manicure effect by painting just the tips with this silver foil effect paint. And, just to be clear, this silver polish doesn’t just mean “silver glitter” as you may find with other brands. There’s certainly a little sparkle in there but the foil effect is purely from the polish and I can’t wait to add some glitter over the top to really dazzle people! Spectacular shine for an amazing price, you can also get this nail paint in gold.

Barry M Croc Nail Effects Paint In Red

Barry M’s croc nail effects paint was released at the same time as their crackle nail polish, which I already reviewed favourably thanks to it’s unique style and seriously impressive look with such effortless application. Croc nail effects isn’t as dramatic as crackle, taking more than three minutes to take effect rather than the seconds it took my crackle, but the end result is still pretty sweet. On the bottle it quantifies using a “thin” layer of polish and I can say right now that this will ruin your effect. I added a very thin layer initially and was rewarded with a design I could barely see. I also layered the red over a purple nail paint and this didn’t create enough of a contrast to really make the design appealing. Using this Barry M croc nail effects paint over two coats of the silver foil ended up being a far more appealing design, not least because I used a normal thickness of coat for my nails, which created a clear and chunky crocodile skin design. I have noticed that this polish is far more prone to chipping than other Barry M brands so would recommend it for a night out rather than consistent use but if you’re looking for an effortless effect that you can gain in minutes then give it a go!

Check out Barry M’s range of Nail Effects Paints!


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