Cybercandy Helps Me Wrap Up For Christmas!

I love getting Cybercandy deliveries in the post and who wouldn’t? The boxes are really well reinforced and even come with totally cool polystyrene pellets in a variety of colours. My chocolate and sweets come to be in the lap of luxury and are never bent or manhandled in any way. It’s always been a strange habit of mine to keep a hold of boxes, especially if they’re in great shape and can be easily opened and closed. Because Cybercandy utilises the tabs on their boxes, even once I’ve nommed on all of my sweets then the box is still in great shape for use so how could I just throw it away?

Of course, it’s not great to keep a box lying around unless you’re going to use it. Which is why I came up with this wicked idea!

A Cybercandy box can hold a whole variety of goodies, edible or otherwise and there are several reasons why these boxes are so handy!

  1. You can leave it till the very last minute to properly seal them, allowing you to store many little presents in one place.
  2. If you order a lot of things from Cybercandy, keep all the boxes and give your family all identical looking boxes for Christmas with a massive range of gifts inside! Ha family! You thought I’d bought your presents wholesale but you were wrong!
  3. The way I’ve done my boxes allows for a kickass range of colours and papers. Wrapping paper works just as well and you can mix and match to your heart’s content.
  4. The Cybercandy Overlord is always on hand to watch over your presents from thieves.

For no effort or extra cost if you love to shop at Cybercandy anyway, you can get a great looking pressie that also makes you look seriously creative.


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