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A New Business Blog

I’ve been taking an unplanned hiatus from my blog as of late and for that I’m very apologetic. This hasn’t been for any particular reason other than busy applying for new jobs and a recent jaunt up to Birmingham to see a pantomime. Details of that are sure to follow but it has lead to a much longer gap in my updates than I’m happy with.

In return, I will aim to create a blog post a day till the end of the year (yes, including Christmas hopefully!). This won’t just be for Articulate & Intricate but for the other blogs I have become involved in, though you can be sure that there will be plenty more updates here regarding product reviews, my own adventures and personal opinions.

harrisjacket3So what have I been up to today? Well today I have done the first ever blog post for The Black Market Seamstress, a Plymouth business that creates custom clothing. I’ve created a post featuring a customised Harris Tweed jacket using excellent local businesses for fabric and buttons. Check it out if you’re interested in upcycling and excellent vintage fashion.

I love The Black Market Seamstress and have ordered several items from her ingenious fingertips. If you’re looking for something custom made and live in the Plymouth area then I would truly recommend you check this business out. They have a Facebook page you can also check out for past and current projects (I’m even the icon image, something that makes me feel proud and embarrassed all at once!).

I will be updating this blog in addition to my own, as well as Collective Eclectic and another business blog, which I’ll be revealing details about soon. I’ve had a lot of interest regarding my blogging experience and, whilst this is all for free currently, it certainly feels like a step in the right direction towards doing it regularly as a paid profession.

So stay tuned for a whole new range of posts on tons of new topics, as well as my usual mix of opinion and review!


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