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Luminosity Brain Training

luminosity brain trainingIf you’ve been seeing their ads on YouTube, you might be curious about what the heck Luminosity Brain Train actually is. The idea of working out your brain and getting the most out of it isn’t exactly a new concept and there are plenty of games and magazine out there already that promise to tease and torment your brain into working more effectively. These promise to improve your memory, get you to work more effectively by day and even come to decisions faster. So if you’re interested in those style of games then you’ll most likely want to try a free month of Luminosity.

Luminosity offers what they call “brain training” in the form of quick bite-sized games that are all aimed at specific areas of mental ability. This includes memory, flexibility, speed, attention and problem solving and each area has a range of games expressly made to improve these areas of cognition. Each day, you are given a set of games encompassing several of these areas and you can also opt to do additional games for “extra credit.”

These games are all easy to get your head around in theory but many are exceptional challenging as they ramp up the difficulty. Many will have you wanting to tear your hair out and there is a genuine feeling of accomplishment when a game that almost reduced you to tears earlier now becomes somewhat more manageable and easier to do. That said, there are plenty of games that I’ve learnt to loath because, no matter how hard I try, I’m simply not improving in the area they relate to.

Let me explain with my first four weeks trying Luminosity for free.

Week One

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 12.41.55When I set up a profile with Luminosity, it asked for relevant info regarding my age and setting up a small profile for some additional custom appeal. I liked being able to add my own photo and I was already excited about tracking my amazing progress into a super incredible machine. The first games were simple but quickly showed where my strengths and weaknesses lay. Simply put? I’m utterly hopeless at games in the memory, speed and problem solving. The games are so easy to understand, like a memory game where I have to flip cards in a pattern that I was shown a few second before or a word game where I have to think of words beginning with “Scr” or “Ket” but they all ramp up the difficulty quickly until your pushing your mental ability. This is great if you’re seeking something that’s really going to test your ability and it’s great to see how quickly this program finds the initial ceiling for what I can do. It’s immediately challenging and I can quickly start working on improving my current ability.

Week Two

I’ve managed to keep fairly up to date with my training regime, doing most sets of games every day. What’s already impressed me is how much my brain ability changes depending on what I’m doing. Late night games tend to go badly, as well as trying Luminosity first thing in the morning, whilst hanging out in a group and even with TV on in the background. If I’m unlucky enough that someone tries to talk to me then that also kills my ability with these brain teasing games. I’ve also noticed that if I’ve been writing I find the flexibility games much easier and improve more rapidly. Likewise, if I’ve been playing a videogame then I do better at the attention games so it seems that I can lubricate my mind towards certain things. If only I could help my memory and problem solving abilities, I’m still doing consistently poorly with those though my brain score is improving overall.

Week Three

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 13.23.57I’m working hard to try and get higher in the divisions, which is a great way to measure my improvement but I can imagine it being very down heartening for some people. I can’t seem to move out of a single figure percentile for my problem solving and I’m starting to really loath when I have to do those. That said, there is a marked improvement in my brain training score and I’m even noticing a little improvement with my mental mathematics in everyday life, which was an area I really wanted to improve.

Week Four

My first four weeks are up and now I can look at the improvement I’ve made over the last few weeks. I’m still not sure how well this could ever translate into my actual life but these games keep getting challenging and new ones are being brought out all the time. New, harder games are introduced to my roster and this stops it from being a repetition of the same five games over and over again. I have to say, I’ve felt genuinely enthusiastic about doing my brain training each day and I can’t think of a bigger compliment to give this company other than  that!

Findings from Luminosity

  • Really enjoyed learning my own personal skill set with regards to my own brain (though it’s embarrassing the areas which I’ve made so little improvement!)
  • £10 a month isn’t a bad price if this is the kind of brain training you enjoy and you can try it out for a month free!
  • Turn the sound off, it’s always a hindrance.
  • Watching yourself improve, even if it’s only within the confines of the website, is a great boost each day.
  • Most of the games are genuinely enjoyable and don’t feel boring and “educational”.
  • If it works for you then I would recommend it, Luminosity has been involved in scientific studies relating to how their programs can help improve cognitive ability but this would be down to the individual to decide how effective it is.

Check out Luminosity for yourself!


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