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Loki Ring From Ardent Argent

Ardent Argent

My brand new ring from Ardent Argent

As today is the season for gift-giving, I thought I’d take a look at one of my favourite geeky gifts to myself this year:my Loki ring from Ardent Argent. I purchased this ring from the London MCM Expo (basically the UK’s own Comicon) surrounded by a mass of amazing geeky trinkets and other tempting creations burning a hole in my pocket. Ardent Argent is the geekiest and funkiest jewellery you can get in the UK, hand crafted by the enigmatic “Alice”, a self-confessed girl geek with a passion for silver. There were so many options available to me, all with a range of geeky inspiration that often featured inscribed secret messages inside. Many of the ring designs also include a range of decorative engraves swirls and runes on the outside but I chose the Loki ring due to my love of Avengers Assemble (I know, so unusual!). The shiny exterior was comfortable to wear, sleek and oh-so attractive. The perfect understated accessory for this lady-geek!

Checking out her website, there are so many excellent items of silver jewellery. And it isn’t just limited to rings as there are also necklaces and earrings. I’m even going to forgive the silver laden Alice for the fact that her jewellery store specifies “Marvel Jewellery” when it also contains “The Dark Knight” and other DC inscribed rings and necklaces. This means that comic and film lovers of every ilk can enjoy Ardent Argent and I would certainly recommend their products as a gift for that special someone in your life, man or woman!

Marvel Avengers JewelleryI personally am a great fan of Ardent Argent for having the capacity to realise that I don’t always want to wear my geekery in garish plastic displays. Just because I know the things I enjoy can be silly at times doesn’t make them any less important to me and getting to wear my Loki ring is a perfect example of a versatile item of jewellery that I can show off to Marvel fans, film fans and even Norse mythology fans! How many products can say that? It’s also a wonderful blend, especially for us gal geeks who are (apparently) in the minority and don’t get half the amount of wicked stuff aimed at us as our fellow male fans do.
If you’re interested in a getting your own Ardent Argent products then I’m afraid her Etsy is taking a temporary break for the holiday season and should be back up in the New Year. I can’t recall exactly how much I paid for my ring but it was certainly somewhere between £10-£15 and they’re made of solid silver. I haven’t taken off my Loki ring since I purchased it and, whilst I can already see some visible scratches across the outside of the ring the inscription on the inside is still looking fantastic.

In summary? Ardent Argent is made by girl geeks FOR girl geeks and the range of jewellery utterly rocks!


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