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Milky Way Berries and Cream Review

Milky Way berries and creamI’ve loved Milky Ways pretty much my whole life. Surely it must be an important part of UK childhood to have these small, light chocolate bars at least once? It occurs to me suddenly that I’m completely unaware if other countries even have them but such a thought is too painful to contemplate and so I shall move on.

For those of you that have experienced the joy of original Milky Ways, it may please you to know that there are tons of other variants that you wont find in your average newsagents. Today I’m trying Milky Way Barries and Cream to see how it measures up with the classic childhood nostalgia. I adore products with berries of all flavours in them. I’m the one who hordes black and red wine gums and looks injured whenever someone takes a black fruitpastille. Strawberry sweets in all chocolate selections also don’t have a great survival rating with me so this combination seems like a match made in heaven.

To put it bluntly, this chocolate bar is too sweet for me. You know if you have too many of those strawberry filled chocolates and the sickly sweetness starts making your tunny turn a bit? Well, I started to feel that before the bar was even finished (and a titchy Milky Way sized bar it is too!). The berry taste is pretty fake and not terribly morish, I was pretty disappointed when all I could taste was sugar and favouring, though the packaging does state that all the flavourings are natural. I really wouldn’t recommend giving many of these to children as they really can be very sickly, though if you absolutely adore strawberry filled chocolates and find that you can eat loads in a sitting then this chocolate bar may be perfect for you!

If you wanted to try out this chocolate for yourself then check out the range at Cybercandy, though I think regular Milky Ways are going to remain my favourites!


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