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A Dead Island Date: A Tale Of Geek Love

zombie survival kit

The only gift of jewellery I’m likely to accept: Thank you Shottle Bop!

Well, Valentine’s Day (or Obligation Day, as some people like to call it!) is officially behind us all and with it all the bizarre relationship drama that is caused by it. If there is one thing I find embarrassing about my sex, it’s the overriding feeling that love and relationships have already been perfected in film and that we must adhere to them in order to have a perfect  relationship ourself. Of course, not all women adhere to this insane view of love but enough do that I feel sorry for guys who’ve clearly been dragged to something they don’t want to do in the name of “romance” (read: “keeping my woman happy”).

So I thought I’d talk about my kind of love: geeky love. There’s something wonderfully freeing about being on the outskirts of cliques throughout school because if you don’t want to adhere to the typical you can actually have a great time.

I also rather like zombies.

Seriously, it's quite a nice place to clean up!

Seriously, it’s quite a nice place to clean up!

I purchased Dead Island the week it came out and despaired at the analogue controls. I left the game in my room and forgot about it until a friend told me you could (SHOCK!) turn those controls off for a far more standard affair. This friend soon became my newest partner as we began to play through hoard after hoard of zombies with him playing as Sam B and me assuming the role of Xian. I’m not ashamed to admit that our sessions at this game lasted hours, entire evenings and then some as we explored the whole island. It was a brilliant experience and one that actually became something of a date.

Picture the scene:

Sam B and Xian have fought to the sea front, the sand beneath their feet as there is a temporary respite from slicing and dicing the living dead (in my case at least, Sam B is more for the pulverising option). Looking out over the ocean, finally able to appreciate the lovely graphics and the fact that this would have been a lovely holiday destination aside from the obvious.

“I’m gonna roll a cigarette if it’s okay with you?” boyfriend asks, wandering his character over to a beached boat on the sand “Just gonna hang out here until I’m done, watch my back?”

So Sam B stood in the boat and, because she didn’t really have anything else to do, Xian stood next to him.

“Hey, if you crouch it kinda looks like we’re sitting in the boat.” I suddenly noticed.

“Oh yeah,” boyfriend chuckles and crouches down opposite so Xian and Sam B are facing each other.

A moment passes.

“This is kinda sweet,” I giggle, “Like Sam B and Xian are on a romantic date”

“And the zombies have totally ruined it.”

“Poor them…”

Another pause.

“You’ve got lovely eyes.”

“You’re just trying to look up my skirt.”

“It’s only because you’ve got such lovely legs.”

And so it went, with us playfully flirting with each other through our characters until we were good to go. To carry along the story we’d created, we walked slowly side by side and started to wander in the sand on the beach, zombies suddenly smaller in our minds. We discovered that we could jump from log to log that was sticking out of the ground a la Karate Kid and even wandered back to the boat to look out over the sea again.

Back to the grind. The wonderful, wonderful grind

Back to the grind. The wonderful, wonderful grind

The best part though was that, once our mock date was over, we had the joy of looking out over the beach and discovering the HUGE horde of zombies that had been congregating along the way, just begging for us to take care of them all.

Best Valentines day ever!


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