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Miss Articulate is in the Herald!

kayleigh-heraldPlymouth is my home, as many of you know, and it has also started to try for the 2017 City of Culture. Many people who live in Plymouth would laugh at the idea that we could even fathom that we’re a city of culture but I wrote into my local newspaper (The Herald) to tell them why I supported the bid. One of my friends quickly noticed that this had gone up on the Herald website and this in itself was exciting but this week I discovered that it had also been printed! That’s my name in a newspaper and I couldn’t be more chuffed! If you’re interested in why I support Plymouth as a city culture and don’t want to strain at the photo above (will get a scan soon) then here’s a transcript:

IT’S inarguable that the identity Plymouth bears and the strengths it has have been changing for years.

What has also changed and grown are the strong creative undertones that are starting to flourish everywhere. The obvious examples would be the Plymouth College of Art and Design in addition to Plymouth University, which has a renowned illustration course and growing popularity in its English literature and creative writing options. We also have the Barbican Theatre and Theatre Royal for their impressive addition to our performing arts repertoire.

But it’s not just an influx of students in the arts; there are creators across Plymouth that have brought innovative, cultural ideas to the forefront. From the Dartmoor arts programs, performances, activities, the International Book Festival and the dozens of other groups and projects coming from those who believe that there is a vein of artists in this city who are ready and willing to participate. They have the energy and the enthusiasm, however what they desperately need are the resources and publicity to bring together all these artists and creative individuals into one amazing powerhouse.

Under one banner, which I honestly believe this City of Culture may well prove to be, artists old and new can be united, ending the fragmented creative industry in this city for good.


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