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Pilgrim Strips Number 2: Ms Articulate Is In Print Again!

cornish comicsThe second edition of the Pilgrim Strips have arrived in Final Frontier! A mini anthology that features local comic book writers and artists, each story contained within is five pages long and the stories cover a whole range of genres that will please any fan of graphic novels.

Of course, I have a particularly vested interested in this edition of Pilgrim Strips as (and I can’t emphasize this enough) I’m in it. My own five page story can be found between the covers of Pilgrim Strips Number 2, with art done by Paul Wilson. The art style is as varied as the writing within, so I was pleased to see that my story was given a shaded and detailed fantasy style, whilst others have excellent minimal designs. So what’s it about? Well, my short graphic novel is set in a realm ruled by three women, each of whom rules an aspect of humanity. The story focuses on one man, who cannot find where he belongs in this world. I’m so proud of it, I think if you like the weirdness of Neil Gaiman then you’ll enjoy my short little comic.

indie comic books

First page of my story and the Devon cover

It’s exceptionally done and the first time I’ve ever seen my fictional work in print, so I’m overjoyed that I’ve had the chance to do this. Seeing my own work in print is a brilliant experience and I’m also very glad that Pilgrim Strips has managed to survive to edition two, which certainly suggests that this may become an excellent avenue for writers and artists in the South West.

As with the first edition, Pilgrim Strips comes with two covers, one for Devon and the other for Cornwall. Once again I prefer the Cornish style, which seems to have a cute pixie on the cover. Joining my copy of number one, I’m excited about the attention this comic series is started to gain from comic book lovers in the area and I sincerely hope this becomes a household name for graphic novels in the area. If you want to get your own then they cost £3 from Final Frontier in Plymouth.

So yes, Ms Articulate is in print for the second time in a month and I’m not intending to slow down any time soon! More news to follow, just you watch!


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