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New Online Portfolio for Ms Articulate Thanks To MoonFruit

Ms Articulate has a brand new online portfolio thanks to MoonFruit! is an excellent website creation service that allows you to create basic websites for free. This allows you to manipulate a website template as much as you desire, without requiring you to know any HTML code whatsoever. I may know a little about website creation but this site has been an absolute gifts and the site that I was able to create in just one evening is still staggering for me to look at. If you’re looking to create a simple website and want it to be hassle free then I’d really recommend you check out MoonFruit and see if they have what you’re craving!

Kayleigh Herbertson PortfolioI’ve been working a lot on this blog lately and I’m still enjoying my own personal writings and ramblings (there’s a blog post in the works about Terry Pratchett books so I’m certainly not moving away from my geeky entries). This new website (also named “Articulate and Intricate”) works as my online portfolio, a pin board for all the things I’m getting up to for companies and in my own time. I’m planning to offer my services as a website writer on a more freelance basis, with an aim to helping out small businesses first in my area and anywhere else that wants it. I’ve been working with F&W Media International for the last month and, as with my role at Blue Banana, I can’t get enough of promoting small endeavours that capture my imagination.

So yes, I have an online portfolio now and please go have a look if you’re interested or if you’re just curious about what I managed to create with MoonFruit. This site is still in the works a little bit so I apologise if you happen across broken links but I’m dealing with them and everything should be running smoothly asap!


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