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Off The Grid – Miss Articulate Has Been Torn From The Internet!

One thing has lead to another and I’m currently residing in Cornwall. This is quite a nice change of scenery for me and I’m hoping it’ll be a long-term move but until then there are a few problems with regards to my blogging. Where I’m staying seems to have stepped straight out of the pages of history as I am currently living without:

  1. 3G network for my phone
  2. Mobile signal
  3. A personal internet connection
  4. Any local access to WiFi
  5. A phone line of any kind
  6. Television

Please don’t take this as a complaint (where I’m staying is lovely and I’m grateful to have found somewhere at short notice!) and I’m certain I’ll find ways around this. I’m hoping for some kind of “Mission Impossible” skit that has me hanging upside down and hacking into a government agency for my broadband needs but most likely I’ll have to wait until I come back to Plymouth to visit family before posting.

One thing’s for sure: there’s going to be a lot of reading going on! Any other suggestions for how to keep myself occupied?


6 thoughts on “Off The Grid – Miss Articulate Has Been Torn From The Internet!

  1. I don’t have any suggestions about what to read, but, assuming your follower number hasn’t gone up to 200+ since the Rice fiasco, would you be interested in accepting the Liebster Blog award from me?
    I found you via the Rice thing, and between the fact I found your review helpful and the grace with which you handled the onslaught of awfulness, I’ve decided to watch your blog for further posts from you! Also, whoohoo, you’re a fellow English lit major like me!

  2. I live in a similar place near a major town in Australia, but without electronic communication (except dial-up slow mobile internet). I write. I use the time to watch the cows. I play with the dogs. I write. I crochet. I might even try my hand at an Anne Rice decoupage project. ha ha. And I go to the public library and surf the net when I can’t take it anymore!

    • I used to live in Australia and I remember my net-pains there as well. I read SO MUCH!! That’s why all my early posts are Aus book reviews, I imported a previous blog called ‘Reading in Oz’ 🙂

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