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Hat Adventures

I’ve recently misplaced my bowler hat, which I like to wear when I’m communicating as Miss Articulate rather than Kayleigh (wince-because-I-hate-my-surname) Herbertson. This bums me out but isn’t really very interesting because I’ve most likely misplaced it, dropped it or whatever. What MIGHT be considered interesting is how I lost my top hat, which was misplaced whilst hanging out with an assassin! Well, a video game assassin?

It All Happened At The MCM Expo

530417_10152296800850694_610697606_nI freakin’ LOVE the London Expo and in 2012 I went for the second time. This was a great improvement already on the first time because in 2011 I attended literally straight after I’d left my flight home from Japan. I held out well but my friends really deserve some sort of award for when my jet lag finally kicked in, turning me into a rage-filled sleep hunter who literally was happy to lay down and fall asleep on the train platform for our minuscule 10 minute connection wait. But I digress.

In 2012 I decided to not go in any specific costume, instead revelling in my chance to wear whatever the heck I pleased. This involved my beloved top hat on both days as I compiled a vlog for Cybercandy as Miss Articulate. On the second day I met with the dude who does the voice for Altier in the Assasins Creed games and we ended up chatting as I got his autograph. He invited me to hangout after the con and my reaction was (if I do say so myself) confident and cool. I have no idea how I pulled this off because inside I was sqee-ing my heart out because I was talking to Altier!! The bad news was that I needed to catch a train home that night and I ended up needing to hulk a load of bags around with me the entire time.

Now, the weird part is that I don’t play Assassin’s Creed, not one of them. I tried the first one, didn’t get on with it and never picked up another. Regardless though, I’m a big fan of video games and actually getting to chat to an insider was the blogger equivalent to heaven itself.

We yammered on about stuff, I learnt a lot about the video game circuit for voice talent and travelling around cons in general. Looking back I think he wanted to hang out because he didn’t really have many plans before travelling to the next location and I’m glad I got to pick his brain about stuff that interested me. As my train approached I realised I had to leave, full up on good food and kinda disbelieving what had just happened to me.

Sans my beloved top hat.

I have no idea when I lost it, perhaps during the meal? When I got changed into a t shirt for travel? Did I put it down on the train and simply forget to pick it up during the 5 hour journey?

Or maybe…. just maybe… did a certain assassin look a lot more dapper as he left London that evening? I hope so, it’s a lot more funny than my usual forgetfulness.

* wistful sigh* I miss that top hat

* wistful sigh* I miss that top hat


2 thoughts on “Hat Adventures

    • Sometimes I still can’t believe it happened! The whole time I was having out-of-body experiences thinking “Man, this is cool!”. I hope I get to chat with a lot more awesome people, not all of them need to be celebrities!

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