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My Perfect Writer’s Bag: Courtesy of Scaragamanga

scaramanga_benchI’m sure I’m not alone in my desire to find the perfect bag. As a writer, whenever I go out to do some work then I feel completely hamstrung by how much I want to take with me. Each of my novels has it’s own notebook and sometimes I may feel like researching or writing more than one. Then I also need my stationary, a snack if I’m not going to a cafe. I also always endeavor to carry an emergency book on me at all times, in case I get stuck somewhere and I get bored. And let’s not forget my big, hulking MacBook Pro to actually do said writing. I’ve tried for many years to change how I write best so I could more easily take it on the road but I love my laptop too much and so it must always come with me.

The point I’m making is that I know many creatives who never want to be separated from their tools and that requires the correct bag.


Scaramanga detail on my bag

I discovered Scaramanga when I was in university, looking for leather satchels to drool over because I knew I couldn’t afford one. I’d been on several sites to window-shop for these products and Scaramanga really stood out (although the name was difficult to remember initially). I was particularly enamored with their vintage style leather satchels in a range of sizes. This was before the popularity of these bags and companies such as The Oxford Bag Company so – for once in my life – I could have genuinely been a trend-setter if I’d only had the money to make that purchase straight away.

Several years down the line and no small amount of bags later, I was finally able to buy myself a bag from Scaramanga. My tastes had changed a little and I knew I wanted a messenger bag because I find it easier to carry greater weights in bags of that shape (read: a ton of books and my laptop combined). I’m aware that this does put all said weight on one shoulder but I do try to switch between them to even this out. I put my order through for a leather messenger bag, getting a free notebook with the deal, and waited. And not for long either! My bag arrived impressively fast and as I opened the package I immediately got that glorious smell of leather. The inside has a large zip pocket down the back, a smaller zip pocket down the front and a third pocket inside the front. This makes it easy to find bits and pieces such as keys or your phone.

Initially the leather was quite tough but now it’s beautifully flexible and a genuine pleasure for me to use. Plus it’s sizable enough to hold my laptop, a writing book, a reading book and snacks (if I’m so inclined). The inside lining originally surprised me with it’s colour but the shade has totally grown on me. And the buckles really give my bag a wonderfully vintage look (though I have to be honest, I rarely bother to do them up!), making this the perfect blend of style and practical substance. I could never survive with a handbag, look how much I need to store inside!

The Tool For The Job

I love the idea of everyone having the perfect bag to keep their all important tools. Artists, poets and writers plus all those others that go out to create. For creatives with a full time job, it’s also very important that we can get everything we need in one place to save as much time as we can. So what’s your method? Do you only need a small book and pen to get the juices flowing or do you crave a bag as much as I did? Is there something you can’t do without? I wanna know if you’re all obsessed about your bags as I am!


Oh dear…. but regardless, Scaramanga are still an excellent choice and I couldn’t be happier with my wonderful leather messenger bag!


17 thoughts on “My Perfect Writer’s Bag: Courtesy of Scaragamanga

  1. I always carry a whole load of junk around with me like elastic bands and bits of string and little toy soldiers that I know I’ll probably never use but can’t bear to throw out. I also have to have space for at least one book, one notebook and MP3 player. I’ve yet to find a bag that can hold all this, though; I have a laptop bag that’s very good, but it’s a bit big to take everywhere. The bag I do take everywhere is big enough for a book and a notebook, but not for anything else. I need to find a happy medium–a bag that’s big but not huge and that has a million pockets.

    • Ah pockets, beautiful things. More than once I’ve lived the outside of a bag then realised its pocket free, what can I do with that? Keep looking! If I found my bag then you can find yours 🙂

  2. I prefer messenger bags to backpacks, too. It’s easier to just reach down and grab something rather than have to swing a backpack around and possibly hit someone.

    • Yes that makes sense….. Not that I’ve experienced that at all….

      Yeah, I totally once struck a small child in the face…. The mum didn’t blame me because she’d told him not to run up behind strangers but I was mortified.

  3. I have a wooden case for my art stuff and quills made by my grandfather and a big tote my mom made that I use for bookmaking/bookbinding. I have yet to find the perfect bag for my writerly stuff (though this looks pretty drool worthy). My writing is scattered between my desk top, my lap top, notes on my phone, notes in various notebooks, notes scrawled in margins of notes for class, notes on post-its, notes on my hand, and texts to my boyfriend/writing buddy. And then there is the giant, hulking typewriter that I desperantly want to write on but need typewriter ribbons for.

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  5. How much does it weigh? I would really like a satchel and if it’s 2 pounds im ok with it but if it’s five founds, then im walking all over campus with a textbook, a 3 pound laptop and a 5 pound bag? Ridiculous.

    • I hear you, I hate really heavy bags that feel like they’re going to break me. I don’t know what weight it is exactly but I’d say it’s about the same as a hardback A4 notebook. Really light for what it is!

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