Note from the Blogger

Miss Articulate has a Facebook Page

I’m going to keep this brief because I don’t much see the point about going on about it! You know what Facebook is, and now I have a Page! Woot woot!


Basically this is to allow people to get in contact with me easier for whatever they may want to talk with me about. Here are some ideas:

  • Items they want me to promote and review (this also will be helpful as I can tell said people that I am reading/ checking out the product and that a review is pending without constant emails and also not seeming like a silent and rude person)
  • Potential jobs they have for me (I work freelance)
  • Continued discussion about past posts (yes, even that one)
  • Getting into a fun debate with me about the colour Lavender. Go oooon, do it!

So yes, there’s a Facebook page, feel free to like it if you want to. All constructive criticism is astoundingly appreciated.


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