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Local Cornish Jewellery for the Articulate

I recently moved to Cornwall, the tail end of the United Kingdom and a scary land that seems to mostly lack a viable 3G connection. For someone as involved with technology as I aim to be, this is somewhat frustrating, however I have recently managed to console myself with some lovely local craft suppliers and some distinctive jewellery. Where I actually reside is in Mawgan Porth and a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to discover that there was a craft fair on in Mawgan (basically where I live but not on the sea front). So what handmade delights was I able to procure?

Text earringsNaturally Heartfelt

With a pseudonym like Miss Articulate, it’s fair to say that I’m a fan of words. A page full of text fills me with pleasure, so I love seeing art/jewellery/pretty much anything emblazoned with words. Naturally Heartfelt creates jewellery utilising a variety of paper creations. This includes text, music and maps, though the use of words and music in conjunction is very appealing to me. This works well alongside the vintage copper findings that Naturally Heartfelt uses. I really am a fan of their overall style.

They produce a variety of jewellery, all with the same vintage text feel (perfect for bibliophiles such as myself). You can also create your own message in a bottle necklace, which would be a lovely gift for a partner.

If you want to see what else Naturally Heartfelt has to offer then you can check out their website, which also links to their Etsy page.

Octopus earringsPretty Things From Pickle

Another craft stall that I encountered was Pretty Thing From Pickle. This stall also offered a variety of products, actually much later than Naturally Heartfelt and with less of a consistent theme. You can get yourself fabric badges, stationary, colourful acrylic jewellery and excellent earrings. I opted for the final item on that list and got myself some awesome octopus earrings. I like to pretend that both the octopuses have hopes and dreams that one day they will become something greater, like Cthulhu. I don’t have the heart to set them straight but they are very pretty in silver and comfortable to wear.

If you’d like to see what else Pretty Things From Pickle creates, they too have a website for you to enjoy!

Disco Beads

Necklace normal lightAs well as nearby craft fairs, Mawgan Porth also has a dedicated jewellery shop called Disco Beads. When I first this shop I was relatively unimpressed as they just looked like chunky bead jewellery. In fact, Disco Beads makes a range of jewellery and hair accessories that come in small and large beads, as well as a range of colours. It’s a huge selection and as I walked into the shop I noticed that the light was refracting off the items in a strange way. Speaking with the shop owner, I soon discovered why. Disco Beads creates jeweller that utilises the same reflective power of cats eyes (the things that define car lanes). Another way of explaining it would be that the beads that make up the white necklace I purchased are all perfect mirror balls. They are then coloured but in a way that still allows them to reflect light in a distinctive way. DiscobeadsThis jewellery practically glows, especially when under direct sunlight or electric light. This is great for nightwear, though I would say that flash photography lights these items up like Christmas, so keep that in mind for photos! There were a huge range of jewellery items and styles, as well as massive palette of colours. Just goes to show that jugement gets you no where as these items are far from “mundane chunky bead jewellery”.

Disco Beads also have their own website, which gives a great showcase of the effects their jewellery produces.

So I treated myself to a whole range of prettys, have a look below for the full quality versions (sorry they’re so huge, still getting used to my new camera). If you know of any other great places to purchase handmade jewellery online then hook me up because it’s certainly an addiction of mine!


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