Also known as Miss Articulate, I am Kayleigh Herbertson with my BA in English literature in hand and an awful lot to say. I’m interested in writing reviews and articles both as a job and something to fill the time between my long bouts of daydreaming.  I have been trained in basic Search Engine Optimisation and have worked a great deal in ecommerce as well as for media.

Living in Plymouth, England, I’m also interested in gaining more attention for my home because I think the South West is a lovely place to live that needs a certain boost of culture and popularity. Personal interests include comics, videogames and books in excess, in part thanks to my time at Lancaster University. I also write in my spare time as a hobby, working on several novels at once.

A random fact about me would be that I appear to be the only Kayleigh Herbertson on the internet. If you’ve ever Googled yourself to find out who else has your name then you might know what it’s like to discover that all you get is me when you type the above name in. Makes job interviews fun…

I consider myself to be alternative but don’t often wonder what I’m the alternative to…

If you want to get in contact my email is and you can also follow my Twitter and Google+ page.




see ya looking

Known by a fair few names across the world that is the Internet, on here I’m going by ‘rubywerewolf’, or ‘Ruby’ for short; if anyone is wondering, ‘rubywerewolf’ as a username came about when I made my first ever account on the Internet and that one flashed up as a suggested name. I figured, heck why not? Since it never seems to be used anywhere, it’s kinda become my go-to username.

Currently studying an BSc honours degree for Conservation Biology at Plymouth University, I have a stash of random facts about Biological Science, nature, wildlife and well.. things in general I suppose, I’m sure you’ll find out if you read my posts! I live with a menagerie of animals, who are more than likely to be mentioned in my writing, life is certainly never boring with them around.

My main hobbies include; dabbling in the fields of art, hence the image to your right (oh what, you thought I was going to show you people my face? Maybe in the future…. maybe…), playing video games, reading and deciding to go on random walks late in the evening. I guess I could include writing for a blog in here too, considering… well, this.

Interestingly, my name also seems to be one of those if you search it I’m the only person in the Google results.. Oh, you wanted my name? >.>

Wanna check out my other stuff? Whelp, the art’s here —->


4 thoughts on “Authors

  1. Dear Kayleigh, Hello, my name is Cheyanne,. I’d like to take a moment to reply to you about your post of “Pandora”. Let me start off by saying yes, I am an avid fan of Anne’s. And “Pandora” is by far one of my favorite books, one I read over and over. However, I am not replying to you to bash you or criticize you in any way. I saw the mention of some idiot posting to you of the ” I hope you get herpes” and I must say I was appalled that a fan of Anne’s would be so crude. It’s not my place to apologize for someone else’s stupidity, and ignorance. I do however hope, you do not think of all of “us” her fans in such a manner. We are not all so ignorant as to lead our lives or our mouths with such idiocy. And if you found the time I’d like to get your opinion as to why you loath “Pandora” so much,. I personally think it’s one of the most amazing ‘vampire’ stories ever written,. The very fact that it’s not all about the blood, and killing, is astounding. Anne’s technique to describe the way Pandora feels about this or that, is astonishing. For example : When Pandora talks to David about the journals, in chapter one. or the way she describes what if feels like to write with a ball point pen and paper, vs. quill and parchment….It’s irrevocably astounding. Anne is a very talented author… That’s all there is to it. However, like I said, I do truly hope you do not hold it against all, for the ignorance of some. Sincerely, An Anne Rise fan for the ages. CB

    • Hey Cheyanne,

      Would it be possible for you to cut and paste this comment on my Pandora review? It’s just that I’m getting quite a lot of abusive comments here and, as this is a place for my bio and has nothing to do with the review, I’m going to be disabling comments here. You’re point is nothing but respectful and I would like to see it in its proper place so I’m just dropping you a line before I do this 🙂 Thanks for the comment

  2. I’d be more than happy to. I just don’t know where to find your review, I also posted it to Anne’s page as well. I do not agree with what her “fans” are doing, and am disappointed in them as people. Though it’s often anymore to be disappointed by the human race, I truly hope you Continue not only with your blog, but with your reviews, and opinions on your future works.. I hope this one rather large blip on your radar, doesn’t halt you in those endeavors…..

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