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A Dramatic Monologue of Horror

        Ah ladies and gentlemen of the evening, I see you have arrived prudently. Many of my clients do. I assume you brought the pay and I am gladdened to find that all accounts are as should be. Amusing that our ancestors murdered my great aunt for this feat yet you bless me with coin, turning to me as your defender.  But that is no matter for this fair evening. You bring the wretch before me and we will dispense our own justice as God intends to do so himself, only a little earlier.
       I have explained this process to you kind fellows but the ladies must be informed so as to relinquish the shock: when we harm another human being morally or physically it leaves a print on our soul. A stain if you will. Oh no, the soul is not merely a jewel locked inside us until judgement day; it is the catalogue of our actions that God uses to judge us appropriately. We cannot harm ourselves or those before us without him seeing, without him knowing and that information is stored for a purpose. My kind can also sense the soul in this way and bring about an early judgement, forcing the gentleman before you to enter a state that will allow him to witness his crimes but from the perspective of his victim. He will experience every twinge of fear and panic that he inflicted and will be returned to us unharmed and somewhat more knowledgeable of the field of empathy, as well as the inevitable end that is coming towards him.
       Please do not tell me of your story, good sirs. My apologies but I have heard them before. You are rich yet have somehow found yourself without a fitting punishment for a crime committed against your friend or family so you pay me and my kind (if indeed there are any others left) to dispense it so. I will not experience the crime as directly as he does but I will find the event and then cross over into the imprint left by your… daughter? Yes, it’s all coming together, I can feel that this was a distant crime but it stands out amongst his others. Months have passed, a jury of his peers, but no matter so let us continue.
       I see the daughter, please don’t nod sir, I see your child and now… now I see him through her eyes, as does he. I must pull away now but please witness his distortions, this is the attempt of escape and I have witnessed it many times. His mind is befuddled but his willingness will not change the course his mind is on. He sees it as real as she surely did, his groans must be pure ambrosia to you all. This will take place in his mind exactly as it did in reality; we are watching a crime unfold as the jurors of a higher plane now and glory to those who do not harm and are free to judge those that do. He twists in agony, this was a violent crime indeed but you see that he remains unscathed as this is all a function of the mind. What need is there for wounds or weapons when our Lord has created us with such a remarkable punishment imbued into our very nature. His contortions are indeed dramatic madam but you needn’t be alarmed, this is merely the very force of his mind and I’m certain that we’ll reach the end soon.
       You see, he goes still and now the transformation is complete. He has experienced every part of his crime, seen a side of himself I’m certain he did not wish to and returns to us again. He lies so still, we can see how powerful the effect has been and I’m sure you’ll forgive me for ascertaining his health. His breath has faded fast, in fact, one could almost mistake his appearance as that of death.
       You monsters, I told you I would not work with murder. I told you I would not work with murder!


2 thoughts on “A Dramatic Monologue of Horror

  1. Hmm very interesting and I also caught the news that you're into more writing so not so busy here and that's great news! I have4 to say I've had to drop my blogging back to once a week to fit everything else and in many ways I think that's helping some of my readers keep up. Hope you met those weekend deadlines!

  2. Interesting, you seem to do these monologues so well. Just getting behind the mind and style of a single person seems to come to your easily, especially for short scenes. This one actually reminded me a bit of the Clockwork Orange kind of world. I don't know why… Hope to see more stuff from you soon 🙂

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